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Learn more about the basics of Housing Choice Vouchers, Project Based Vouchers, and other HACC programs. This page also contains information and forms for applicants and residents.

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New Residents

Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)

A federally funded program designed to help eligible low-income families secure decent, safe and sanitary rental housing.


Annual Renewals

The HACC must conduct a reexamination of family income and composition at least annually. This includes gathering and verifying current information about family composition, income, and expenses. Based on this updated information, the family’s income and rent must be recalculated.

When Recertification Begins

The HACC will begin the annual reexamination process 120 days in advance of its scheduled effective date. Generally, the HACC will schedule annual reexamination effective dates to coincide with the family’s anniversary date. Anniversary date is defined as 12 months from the effective date of the family’s last annual reexamination or, during a family’s first year in the program, from the effective date of the family’s initial examination (admission).

What Do I Have to Do?

Mailed packet with instructions to be completed and returned with supporting documents within 30 days of notice.

Recertification Forms

Visit the resources page on this website for the most up-to-date recertification forms.

Reasonable Accommodations

Ensuring a Safe Living Place

All housing properties must meet minimum standards of quality.



Families that have been issued a voucher have the right to use tenant-based voucher assistance to lease a unit anywhere in the United States providing that the unit is located within the jurisdiction of a PHA administering a tenant-based voucher program. This process is known as portability. The Housing Authority of Cook County is currently billing Initial Public Housing Agencies (PHA).

Incoming Portability

If you would like to be assisted in HACC’s jurisdiction you must initiate contact with your current PHA regarding the portability process.
Incoming portability requests can be received by the HACC from the initial PHA via the following methods:

Mail to: Housing Authority of Cook County, Attn: Incoming Portability,10 South La Salle Street Suite 2200 Chicago, IL 60603

Via email to: [email protected]

Outgoing Portability

If you are a current HACC HCV program participant and wish to relocate outside of HACC’s jurisdiction, you must initiate contact with your Housing Specialist. For assistance in searching for the Housing Agency in the jurisdiction, you wish to move click here.

Portability Forms

Visit the resources page on this website for the most up-to-date portability forms.


Adjusting Family Circumstances

Family circumstances may change throughout the period between annual reexaminations. The HACC requires families to report all changes in family income and composition in writing and/or by completing and submitting an interim/adjustment request application within 30days of the change. HUD regulations also permit the HACC to conduct interim reexaminations of income or family composition at any time.



Freedom of choice is a hallmark of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. Therefore, HUD regulations impose few restrictions on where families may live or move with HCV assistance. A family’s right to move is generally contingent upon the family’s compliance with program requirements.


Participants must first meet these requirements:

– Have lived in their current unit for at least a year and be eligible to move under their current lease agreement
– Have a current, complete annual re-certification
– Have given notice to their current landlord of their intent to move

How It Works

If a family wishes to move to a new unit, the family must notify the HACC and the owner before moving out of the old unit or terminating the lease on notice to the owner. If the family wishes to move to a unit outside the HACC’s jurisdiction under portability, the notice to the HACC must specify the area where the family wishes to move. The notices must be in writing by either completing an Intent to Vacate Notice with the Landlord or providing a copy of the notice that was mailed to the landlord along with a copy of the certified receipt The HACC requires a written notice prior to the moving papers being issued. Upon receipt of a family’s notification that it wishes to move, the HACC will determine whether the move is approvable in accordance with the regulations and policies.

What Happens Once Approved?

For families approved to move to a new unit within the HACC’s jurisdiction, the HACC will require the family to attend a mandatory briefing. The HACC will provide the family with a briefing packet that will include families of the voucher term, HACC’s payment standards, procedures for requesting approval of a unit, the unit inspection process, and the leasing process and Mobility Program and other required information. Participants should be prepared for the class to last up to two (2) hours in order to receive moving papers.

What if the Move Doesn't Happen?

If a family does not locate a new unit within the term of the voucher and any extensions, the family may remain in its current unit with continued voucher assistance if the owner agrees and the HACC approves. Otherwise, the family will lose its assistance. If the family has moved out of its unit and is no longer receiving assistance (no HAP made on behalf of the family) during the move process, the family must begin receiving assistance again within 180 days to remain eligible for the program.

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Get More Help

Here are some alternative resources if you are unsuccessful in your search for assistance from the Housing Authority of Cook County.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Purpose of the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is to empower people to take control of their lives by becoming independent, productive members of their communities. Interested in how it works?

Steps to Self-Sufficiency
  1. Establish Goals

    Work with FSS Coordinators to figure out your family’s individual goals—reducing debt, getting a degree, starting a new career, becoming a homeowner, and more!

  2. Obtain and/or maintain employment

    The FSS and Human Services teams are here to help you get connected to the resources you need to achieve your goals.

  3. Become independent

    As your household income increases, HACC manages an escrow account to help you build financial assets.

  4. Complete Program & Graduate

    Upon successful completion of the program, your family will receive a payout from the escrow account to put towards your goals!

  5. Join FSS Today!

    f you have any questions about joining the FSS program, please reach out to us today! Email: [email protected]

Homeownership Program

For eligible participants in the FSS program, the Homeownership Program can help first-time homebuyers with affording a mortgage. Instead of a monthly rental check, Homeownership Program vouchers will cover a portion of your monthly mortgage payments. Talk to the FSS team today about the program by emailing [email protected]