Housing Authority of Cook County opens family housing wait list in Ford Heights


Cook County — Today, the Housing Authority of Cook County (HACC) opened its wait list at the Vera Yates Family Housing site located at 1055 Berkeley in Ford Heights. The wait list for family sites has not opened since 2009, and in Cook County, the Housing Choice Voucher list has been closed since 2001 with more than 5,000 applicants still waiting.

HACC staff greeted a large crowd of applicants to submit housing applications and had staff available to assist applicants with completing applications and provided tours of the units. Nearly 300 applications were taken at the housing site and more than 100 submitted applications to the main office at 175 W. Jackson.

For the first time, the Agency decided to accept the applications on site and make the rehabilitated units available for applicants to view – to provide a firsthand view of the newly renovated units. The applications were completed on site and HACC staff immediately started the intake process by entering the data into its system.

“We have worked extremely hard on rehabilitating and upgrading these units so that families have a place to call home, said HACC Executive Director Richard Monocchio who was also at the site to assist with the application process. “With federal and state cuts slashing our housing budgets and social programs on every level, we still managed to move our renovation plans forward to help the homeless, seniors, children and the disabled,” he added.

In Cook County, the Housing Choice Voucher list has been closed since 2001, with more than 5,000 applicants still waiting. The last time the HACC wait list opened was in 2009, with more than 500 applications submitted.

Built in 1967, Vera L. Yates is a family housing site with 36 two story buildings. Available units for this wait list application process include two, three, four & five bedroom units. The community has access to a modern playground, community center and a Head Start pre-school program. PACE bus service is available directly inside the community.

For more information about the Housing Authority of Cook County, please visit us at www.thehacc.org;www.facebook.com/theHACC or www.twitter.com/theHACCtweets.