Resident Resources and Services

The Housing Authority of Cook County (HACC) is constantly looking at ways to improve the quality of life for residents and wants to ensure that you and your family members are aware of all of the resources our Human Services team has to offer. Our Human Services department is a one stop destination to meet the needs for your educational, training and employment goals.  If you or anybody in your family is interested in taking advantage of these tremendous opportunities (college scholarships, job skills/career training, employment opportunities), Human Services is here for you.

Stay connected by updating your contact information, review record details, and contact your caseworker by clicking here to access the HACC RentCafe Resident Portal. Also, Join our Facebook group by clicking here to receive information on the most current resources available.  Email us at [email protected] and let us know how we can help.



Participants must first meet these requirements:

  • Have lived in their current unit for at least a year and be eligible to move under their current lease agreement
  • Have a current, complete annual re-certification
  • Have given notice to their current landlord of their intent to move

A Moving Paper Briefing is a mandatory class where participants receive up to date information about the rules of the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The Briefing will also give information about the steps in the Moving Process and the Mobility Program, a program to assist families in moving to opportunity areas. Participants should be prepared for the class to last up to two (2) hours in order to receive moving papers.

Please Note:

  • Attending a Moving Paper Briefing does not authorize participants to move into a new unit.
  • All new units must be approved through the HACC’s Moving Process.

You can search for available units at www.ilhousingsearch.org


Families that have been issued a voucher have the right to use tenant-based voucher assistance to lease a unit anywhere in the United States providing that the unit is located within the jurisdiction of a PHA administering a tenant-based voucher program.  This process is known as portability.  The Housing Authority of Cook County is currently billing Initial Public Housing Agencies (PHA).

Incoming Portability

If you would like to be assisted in HACC’s jurisdiction you must initiate contact with your current PHA regarding the portability process.

Incoming portability requests can be receive by the HACC from the initial PHA via the following methods:

Mail to:   Housing Authority of Cook County, Attn: Incoming Portability,  175 W. Jackson Blvd.  Ste 350, Chicago IL 60604

Via email to: [email protected]

Via fax to:  312-237-4272

Outgoing Portability

If you are a current HACC HCV program participant and wish to relocate outside of HACC’s jurisdiction, you must initiate contact with your caseworker. For assistance in searching for the Housing Agency in the jurisdiction you wish to move click here.


Family Self-Sufficiency

The Purpose of the Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is to empower people to take control of their lives by becoming independent, productive members of their communities.

Interested in how it works?

Education, Job Training and Placement

HACC Human Services will seek to find partners who will assist residents with employment preparation, placement, and retention services. These services not only assist residents to meet the community service requirement but to also assist residents on a pathway to self-sufficiency. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Work readiness, skill development, and career advancement
  • Educational Advancement
  • Community Service Hour Compliance
  • Placement in Section 3 opportunities among other employment opportunities


Learn about career training at Prairie State College at NO COST to you. For additional information email [email protected]  

Upcoming Events for Educational  and Career Advancement

Check back periodically for updates

Early Childhood Education Resources and links

Early Childhood Education/ Pregnancy through age 5

Early Intervention Program/ Birth to age 3


Job Placement Opportunities

Click Here to Apply to Friends of the Forest Preserve for the 2018 season

Section 3 registration information

We are very pleased to announce the Section 3 Resident Registration Portal has been activated and is open for your registration.If you are looking for employment, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on:  https://nahro.economicengine.com/registration/section3/index.html?nocache=51788088
  2. Click on Section 3 Resident Registration
  3. Select the State of Illinois
  4. Select the Housing Authority of Cook County
  5. Select your Housing Site
  6. Fill out your information
  7. Click Submit button

If you have any questions please email: [email protected]

Youth and Family Resources

HACC Human Services seeks to develop a plan and partnerships to create a comprehensive youth strategy to engage HACC youth in year round activities.

Whats new for the youth?

Need Additional assistance to locate Child Care services near you?

Use the Head Start Locator

Resident Counseling & Wellness Services

HACC Human Services seeks to provide housing-related services to HACC households in HACC owned and operated developments including, but not limited to the following:

  • Assisting families in maintaining lease compliance by developing individualized goals and service plans focused on household budgets, housekeeping, employment assistance, clinical and other supportive services.
  • Assisting households who are non-lease compliant and are at risk of eviction. HACC Human Services will facilitate monthly coordination meetings with property managers and community partners to ensure services to families support maintaining compliance with the HACC community service requirement and other rules of the lease.