Housing Choice Voucher Moves


Participants must first meet these requirements:

  • Have lived in their current unit for at least a year and be eligible to move under their current lease agreement
  • Have a current, complete annual re-certification
  • Have given notice to their current landlord of their intent to move

A Moving Paper Briefing is a mandatory class where participants receive up to date information about the rules of the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The Briefing will also give information about the steps in the Moving Process and the Mobility Program, a program to assist families in moving to opportunity areas. Participants should be prepared for the class to last up to two (2) hours in order to receive moving papers.

Please Note:

  • Attending a Moving Paper Briefing does not authorize participants to move into a new unit.
  • All new units must be approved through the HACC’s Moving Process.

You can search for available units at www.ilhousingsearch.org