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Team A
LaTrice Gamble Program Manager A - Kl 312-542-4698 Team Fax 312-663-0039 or 312-237-4271
Team B
Donna Ford Program Manager Km - Z 312-542-4670 Team Fax 312-663-3503 or 312-237-4273
Sylvia Peterson Program Manager Portability 312-542-4779 Team Fax 312-237-4272
Moves, Special Programs
Angela Francis Program Manager Moves, Special Programs 312-542-4749 Team Fax 312-663-3508, 312-237-4287, 312-319-7163
FSS, Mobility, Homeownership
Claudia Tiscareno Program Manager FSS, Mobility, Home-ownership 312-542-4788 Team Fax 312-237-4287
Guadalupe Marquez Program Manager Colbert 312-542-4719 Team Fax 312-447-8999
Jackie Young Program Manager PBV 312-542-4769 Team Fax 312-663-3508
Office Management, HCV & PBV Wait Lists
Cindy Ross Program Manager Office Management, HCV & PBV Wait Lists 312-542-4693 Team Fax
Other duties as assigned
Sheryl Seiling HCV Director Other duties as assigned 312-542-4662 Team Fax

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