HACC Executive Director Richard Monocchio issues statement in response to closed Housing Choice Voucher waiting list report released by Housing Action Illinois and the Social IMPACT Research Center

November 06, 2015 |

Earlier this week, Housing Action Illinois and the Social IMPACT Research Center released a report on the survey finding that 72 percent of waiting lists for Housing Choice Vouchers in Illinois are closed. In Cook County, the Housing Choice Voucher list has been closed since 2001, with more than 5,000 applicants still waiting.

“This cut falls heavily on low-income households that, after waiting for years to receive rental assistance, now find themselves on frozen waiting lists. Working parents, children, the elderly and disabled suffer. Congress should make it a priority in the coming budget debates to restore funding to the Housing Choice Voucher program, HOME, RAD as well as restore cuts to other programs that help lift millions of disenfranchised populations out of poverty,” he stated.

The full report is available at this link: http://socialimpactresearchcenter.issuelab.org/resource/not_even_a_place_in_line_hou sing_choice_voucher_capacity_and_waiting_lists_in_illinois_2015

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