The Housing Authority of Cook County hosts 2nd Annual Housing Fair to promote Community Choice & Mobility Program

April 15, 2015 |

HACC Representatives Encourage Voucher Clients to take Advantage of Available Housing Opportunities

HARVEY, IL – The Housing Authority of Cook County (HACC) hosted its 2nd Annual Housing Fair on Tuesday, April 14, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Turlington West Apartments located at 15305 Robey Avenue in Harvey, Illinois.

The Housing Fair was sponsored by the HACC’s Community Choice Program. The Community Choice Program’s main purpose is to assist Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) participants in finding units located in qualifying opportunity areas. There are some cities and towns in suburban Cook County where the entire community is considered an opportunity area. These housing areas may include better schools, more employment opportunities, or an environment that benefits overall personal growth for the voucher participant and/or family.

The HACC Housing Fair was aimed at inviting landlords, renters and service providers to participate in a single setting where all participants have an opportunity to gain knowledge about the HCV and Mobility Programs. Nearly 100 residents participated and more than 40 landlords, vendors, service agencies, realtors, and property managers took advantage of the Fair by promoting their resources and properties to HCV participants. Vendors also had an opportunity to personally explain the goods and services they had to offer to HCV participants.

“Many of our residents and families are not aware of the portable assistance and available neighborhood choice opportunities that can improve their housing standards and quality of life, and these annual fairs provide an opportunity for our mobility counselors to work with HCV clients on their specific needs,” said HACC Executive Director Richard J. Monocchio. “The Housing Fair provided a unique opportunity for landlords and other service providers to market their properties on the site – in person,” he added.

Families are assigned a mobility counselor who is available to assist them before, during and after the move to an opportunity area. These experienced mobility counselors are trained to assist HCV participants with a personalized action plan and current HCV participants are encouraged to attend the Housing Fair to take full advantage of this moving opportunity.

Last year, the HACC hosted three Housing Fairs with an average of 20 landlords participating and nearly 200 residents attending. More than 7,000 suburban Cook County landlords participate in the HACC program.

The HACC’s Community Choice Program will host five additional fairs throughout the summer. Dates of upcoming HACC Housing Fairs:

May TBA – North Suburbs
June 4th – North Suburbs
June 16th – South Suburbs
August 11th – South Suburbs
August 20th – North Suburbs

HCV participants interested in getting more information about the moving opportunity can contact the HACC at (312) 542-4703.

The HACC’s HCV waiting list is presently closed and the HACC is not accepting any pre-applications at this time.

For more information about the Housing Authority of Cook County, please visit us at www.thehacc.org;www.facebook.com/theHACC or www.twitter.com/theHACCtweets.